Question: What signifies that someone might be experiencing dating violence?

Talks disrespectfully about dating partner, puts down dating partner. Brags about having total control over partner. Dates other people but doesnt allow partner to do so. Gets angry after phone calls or dates with partner.

Which of the following is an example of dating violence?

Physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse to control his or her dating partner. Physically or sexually abused by a partner. Examples of common abusive behaviors found in dating violence. Hitting, shaking name-calling, lies, excuses, threats, isolation, forcing sex, coercion.

What signs of escalating aggressiveness would you look for?

Physical signs that a person may becoming aggressive and potentially violent include:Huffing and puffing.Pacing up and down - rapid movements.Facial indicators: staring - frowning - rubbing forehead - reddened complexion.Raised voice.More items

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