Question: Is Boca Raton good for singles?

If youre a single woman looking for love in South Florida, youve got good company. A recent survey by the dating website PlentyOfFish found Boca Raton tops in the nation for the number of women looking for a relationship. Coming in at No. 4, according to the survey of 5 million singles, is Deerfield Beach.

Is Delray Beach good for singles?

In a study conducted by, Delray Beach was found to be the third happiest place for singles in the country after Rochester Hills, Mich.

How far is Boca Raton from the ocean?

Boca Raton, located 40 miles north of Miami on Floridas east coast, is known for its stylish homes, upscale shopping and lavish lifestyle. But the citys most priceless treasure lies in its beaches. Much of Bocas beaches remain au natural.

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