Question: How did Calvin Harris meet Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris first met at the Elle Style awards in the United Kingdom. The event happened on February 24, 2015, where Elle Goulding introduced both of them. The duo met again at the Brit Awards, the same year. They were snapped at the after-party.

How did Calvin Harris and Taylor meet?

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift started their 15-month romance in February 2015 after being introduced by Ellie Goulding at the BRIT Awards after-party in London. The two musicians then split in June 2016 with rumors that they wanted different things.

Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris still friends?

A friend of Swift told PEOPLE the relationship ended because Harris was “intimidated” by her success. A source close to Harris – whom sources confirm ultimately ended the relationship – told PEOPLE that the breakup “wasnt a shock” for Swift because the couple had ongoing issues.

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