Question: Do French guys pay for dates?

Splitting the bill Talking about money is generally considered vulgar by French people. Usually, the man will pay for dinner on the first date, and the woman might pay the next time; but splitting it would simply be seen as tacky.

Who pays on a date in France?

When one goes out with friends in France though, there are no more rules, but there are trends. Most of the time, people will pay their share, or split the bill evenly if everybody took more or less similar things. But it can happen that one person will pay the whole bill on certain occasions.

Does the guy always have to pay on dates?

It is traditional, gentlemanly, and generous for the man to pay for the first date. Usually the second date, too. However, if you would like her to pay or at least split the check on future dates, set that tone when the check comes. Most women will make a gratuitous reach for their purse—this is your opportunity.

Do men pay for dates anymore?

Men paying on dates still seems to be the norm, but some are really pushing to change things, and its not pretty. Women have reported being surprised when theyve gotten a request for half the bill from a date via Venmo, long after the fact, and sometimes for as little as $3.

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