Question: How do you make last FM private?

1 Answer. doesnt have the concept of private profiles, neither can you selectively hide modules, so this isnt possible.

How do I make private?

However you can do a number of things to move towards some sort of privacy in the settings>privacy options which allow you to:hide recent listening information.block people from sending you private messages, posting in your shoutbox or commenting on your journal posts.disable the shoutbox completely.

Does track private session? can scrobble the last 50 tracks you listened to while offline the next time you connect to the web. Private Sessions: If you dont want Spotify to log your play history (and thus not use the data for recommendations), you can enter a Private Session.

Is dying?

This. Its not that they are dying, they are being choked economically. They probably have only a few devs to maintain the beast that is the site, the servers (which at this point may also require maintaining legacy software/dependencies) and client integrations (like the one Spotify uses).

Is illegal?

Russian censors have banned the popular online music portal for offering a song called Kill a Cop! by the Russian band Psyche. Officials first outlawed the song almost five years ago, when a Moscow court placed the tune on the governments list of illegal extremist materials.

Does Scrobble private session?

If you have enabled the new Spotify Scrobbling feature by on your Applications settings page, it will scrobble independently from your Spotify device and app. It does not support private sessions though, see the official announcement.

How many times did I listen to a song on Spotify?

4. On the Add songs page, swipe to the left three times. You should land on the Recently played list. This displays the last 100 or so tracks youve played on Spotify.

What counts as a Scrobble?

Scrobbling is a system that tracks your listening habits and uploads them to your account. Every time you play a track it is added, or scrobbled, to your account. This allows users to share their musical tastes, make and receive recommendations from other users, and create custom radio stations.

How long do you have to listen to a song for it to be a Scrobble?

When does Sonos Scrobble? In order to be scrobbled, a track must play for 240 seconds or halfway through, whichever comes first. It must also have a track length of 30 seconds or more. Once these conditions have been met, the track is scrobbled when playback completes or the track is changed by the user.

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