Question: What should I do if my new boyfriend is a bad kisser?

What do you do if your boyfriend is a bad kisser?

Here are 7 kind-but-assertive steps for how to teach a guy to kiss — and kiss well.Dont judge yourself by his response. Deal with your nervous energy in advance. Lead the way. Pull back if you dont like something. Ask for his likes and dislikes — and then have him show you. Let him know when you like what hes doing.More items •14 Feb 2018

How do you tell someone theyre a bad kisser?

The easiest way to gently tell someone theyre a bad kisser is to avoid telling them. Were not saying you should settle for subpar kissing, but instead of telling them everything theyre doing wrong, tell them what you prefer or what you like when kissing.

How do you get over a bad first kiss?

Laugh it off: A bit of humor can go a long way after a bad date. Making your first kiss a mutual joke and having a laugh will lighten the mood and release feel good endorphins that reduce stress, creating the ideal environment for the perfect date and kiss.

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