Question: How many children did Kat Slater have?

Nine months later, Kat gives birth to their twin sons, Bert and Ernie Moon (Freddie and Stanley Beale).

What are Kat and Alfies twins called?

In 2014 Kat gave birth to twin boys who are Alfies sons - Bert and Ernie.

Who is Kat Slaters daughter?

Zoe Slater Kat Slater/Daughters

Who is Zoe Slaters dad?

Charlie Slater Trevor MorganHarry Slater Zoe Slater/Father

Is Phil Mitchell with Kat Slater?

Kat - who is played by actress Jessie Wallace in the BBC One soap - has been enjoying a romance with hardman Phil for the past few months. Next week, Kat decides to make herself a permanent fixture at the Mitchell household. Phil decides to make a last minute trip abroad to see Louise and an injured Lisa.

Who plays Sean Slater?

Robert KazinskyEastEnders Sean Slater/Voiced by Sean Slater is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Robert Kazinsky who made his first appearance on 22 August 2006.

Is Ruby pregnant in real life?

Her character Ruby remains at the forefront of EastEnders storylines, having been struggling with endometriosis and her own inability to get pregnant. The star has said that she asked bosses for Rubys endometriosis and fertility troubles storyline to continue to play out in spite of her own pregnancy in real life.

Why did Rob Kazinsky leave The Hobbit?

Rob Kazinsky says that a health issue prompted him to leave the cast of The Hobbit. Rob Kazinsky has revealed that a health issue prompted him to leave the cast of The Hobbit. Writing on Twitter, Kazinsky noted that a health problem is the reason he quit his role in the J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation.

Who did Janine have a baby with in EastEnders?

For a while it looked like she had found contentment with husband and father of her little girl Scarlett, Michael Moon, but the stress of parenthood made Janine increasingly paranoid about Michaels true intentions. This lead to Janine fleeing The Square, leaving Michael holding the baby.

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