Question: What to hook up 240V mains power to?

How does 240v hook up work?

Method two- 240v Hook up charging The outside 240v power source is transferred into your van via your mains hook up lead. This will plug into the van via an inlet socket. The power will then reach the inside of the van and will arrive at the mains consumer unit. This will then distribute the power to two main places.

Does electric hook up charge engine battery?

Most motorhomes offer two methods for charging the leisure battery: via the on-board mains charger when on hook-up and from the engine-driven alternator when on the road. All you need to do is keep the van on hook-up and the charger switched on.

Does my caravan battery charge when towing?

If your car has a properly wired 12S socket, your caravan battery should be charged by the car whilst towing. But unless your towing for a few hours it wont put much into the battery.

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