Question: Why the friend zone is bad?

As Chelsea Cristene of Role Reboot noted in her 2013 article, the “friend zone” can harm opposite sex relationships for a couple of reasons. Mainly, it puts a label on your friend and makes it seem as though they have done something wrong to only be worthy of the friend title. It can also be dangerous for women.

Is being in the friend zone bad?

Yes, we agree being friend-zoned is not the nicest thing to happen to anyone. It actually stings and hurts your egoistic being and you probably think youre never going to recuperate from the rejection. Trust us, if she really didnt want to be friends, she wouldnt have offered her friendship in the first place.

Why is being friend zoned good?

The Friend Zone Helps You Build Stronger Relationships With Women. Learning to see women as fully fledged human being with their own desires, values and goals as opposed to romantic prospects walking around waiting to be “won” by a man is a plus for everyone.

What do you do if your friend zoned?

What to Do When Youve Been “Friend-Zoned”Keep your boundaries firm within friendship. In other words, dont give them what they havent asked for. Remember that there is one person out there for you who will end up being the right match. Be on the lookout for someone who is as crazy about you as you are about them.Sep 21, 2014

How do you get over being Friendzoned by a girl?

She said no, What do I do?Respect her decision. A no is a no. If she doesnt want to be more than just friends with you, respect her decision. Acknowledge your feelings. Its okay not to be okay. Dont blame yourself. Its not your fault. Talk to your close friends.Move on.Be friends with her again.

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