Question: What do you use for Jewish dating?

JSwipe is the #1 Jewish dating app to help single people meet and connect. Keep it kosher and upgrade to JSwipes paid subscription with premium features including: 5 Super Swipes per day: Send emojis and let that that special someone they are more than just your average right swipe.

Are there Jews on eHarmony?

1. eHarmony. If youre a single Jewish person looking for true love online, eHarmony could be the key to finding a meaningful relationship with another member of the Jewish community. The platform has a user-friendly interface and transparent preference options to help you filter potential matches.

Is JDate free?

This dating site does offer a free trial membership with access to basic searching and viewing of profiles. We have an in depth review here if you want to read about the JDate Free Trial membership features. If you want to chat and message with other singles, you will have to upgrade your membership to get access.

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