Question: Is it expensive to live in Nova Scotia?

Cost of living in Nova Scotia is relatively low, even in Halifax, the capital. Smaller cities like Sydney or Dartmouth are even cheaper. The quality of life in Nova Scotia is second to none. Whether you prefer sandy beaches and coastal cliffs, or the culture and energy of city life, youre never far from either.

What is the average salary in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia families have the lowest median after-tax income in the country, according to numbers released Monday. The national median in 2018 was $61,400, according to Statistics Canada. Nova Scotia was at the bottom of the pack with $52,200, up from $51,400 in 2017.

Can I use US dollars in Nova Scotia?

The currency used is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). Banks and bureaux de change will change cash, as will some hotels. Major credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs are widespread. US Dollars are widely accepted.

What is the highest paying job in Nova Scotia?

High-Paying Jobs at Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK Health CentreFamily Medicine. Psychiatry. $250K — $250K+* Family Physician. $250K — $250K+* Forensic Psychiatrist. $250K — $250K+* Nephrology. $250K — $250K+* Obstetrics/Gynecology. $250K — $250K+* Internal Medicine. $250K — $250K+* Internal Medicine. $250K — $250K+*More items

How cold are winters in Nova Scotia?

Winter about −9 °C (16 °F) to 0 °C (32 °F)

How many hours a week is full time in Nova Scotia?

You work a maximum of 12 hours a day or 44 in a week, unless you agree to additional hours. You must have a minimum eight hours off every 24-hour period and, on a weekly basis, one day off if you work more than 20 hours.

How long do you have to live in Nova Scotia to be considered a resident?

a resident who makes his/her permanent home in Nova Scotia; present in the province 183 days every calendar year; and. registered with MSI.

Is it better to pay in USD or CAD?

When you travel to Canada, it is best to pay in local currency (CAD) instead of USD. Find out how you can save money on your overseas trip and avoid unnecessary currency exchange fees.

What jobs are in high demand in Nova Scotia?

Heres a list of the most in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia today and the programs we offer to help you land one.Database Analysts and Database Administrators. Financial and Investment Analysts. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants. Deck Officers.

Which jobs are in demand in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia In-Demand Occupation ListSr. No.Occupation ListNOC1Financial auditors and accountants11112Other financial officers11143Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations11234Administrative assistants12417 more rows

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