Question: Can you trust a Pisces woman?

Can you trust a Pisces woman? Because Pisces women arent completely grounded in reality, the truth isnt always there. In an effort to protect herself and her feelings, she may willingly hide the truth, especially since she can be emotionally delicate.

Can Pisces be trusted?

The compassionate Pisces will always be there for you—in principle. “Out of the water signs,” Terrones concludes, “theyre the [least] trustworthy, just because theyre in their own little world.” Find out the best compliment you can give a Pisces—and every other zodiac sign.

What kind of person is a Pisces woman?

Ruled by Neptune, and symbolized by two swimming Fishes, this water sign has an extremely emotional, empathic, and extraordinarily sensitive personality. Pisces women often possess psychic or intuitive characteristics, and they sometimes put these gifts to use in their lifes work.

How do you text a Pisces woman?

So what are the rules of texting a Pisces woman? The best way is to keep talking to her about everything. Ask her how her day was, listen to her if she has to rant and keep texting her often. However, you really need to make sure that you are quick in your replies.

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