Question: Is the Joker in Arkham Asylum?

Arkham Asylum appears in The Batman. Like the original Arkham, several major villains end up in this institution, such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, the Ventriloquist, Hugo Strange, Clayface, and Penguin.

What happened to Joker in Arkham Asylum?

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Once recaptured, Joker was transferred to the newly re-opened Arkham Asylum. Despite the citys best efforts he would go on to continually escape, committing crimes and causing chaos until Batman would stop him in what seemed to be a twisted running gag at Gothams expense.

Why is Joker in Arkham Asylum?

Early in “Joker,” we learn that Fleck spent time at some point in Arkham State Hospital, a notorious asylum for the criminally insane in the Batman universe, for an unspecified mental issue and that he feels the medication that has helped him manage it isnt working anymore.

Who is the main villain of Arkham Asylum?

The Joker The Joker, the primary antagonist of Batman: Arkham Asylum. He orchestrates a massive breakout which results in the massacre of Arkhams staff and most of the destruction to the facility.

Does Batman kill Joker in Arkham Asylum?

No, he didnt. The whole game was about saving the Joker and everyone in Gotham, that was the premise. The Joker practically killed himself because in the end you get the cure and save everyone in Gotham but Joker, he let himself die even after you try to save him.

Why is Batman sick in Arkham Knight?

The blood gestated too long, and despite receiving the cure to stop the poisoning process, whatever caused Joker to have his skin bleached and hair green also infected them. Its like a literal somehow contagious mental illness. Everyone got the cure in the end.

What is the Jokers real name?

Jack Napier The Joker, suddenly medicated and sane, was able to convince the GCPD that he was wrongfully imprisoned as he was beaten by a vigilante. He also reveals his real name: Jack Napier. Napier spends all of his efforts revealing how Batmans false heroics actually only lead to creator corruption in Gotham City.

What is wrong with Arthur in Joker?

Enduring his abuse, Arthur was found tied to a radiator, bruised and malnourished; he suffered severe head trauma that was believed to have given him his laughing disorder. His disorder caused him to laugh involuntarily at inappropriate times, heightening particularly when he was tensed.

Whos the main villain in Arkham City?

Ras al Ghul is revealed to be the true mastermind behind Arkham City and mortally wounds Strange for failing to defeat Batman.

Who is the bad guy in Arkham City?

While Im sure the Joker has big plans for our man in tights this time around, the real main villain appears to be mad scientist Hugo Strange. He seems to be running Arkham City and in charge of all of its security. But the most interesting thing about this villain is that he knows the true identity of Batman.

Does Batman kill the Joker?

Batman has never killed the Joker in any main continuity storyline, The Killing Joke included. He has, on the other hand, killed him in alternative universe storylines, as well as in Tim Burtons 1989 movie.

Is Batman still sick in Arkham Knight?

It was shown that despite having cured himself in Arkham City, Batman was still infected by the events of Arkham Knight — considering that Batman only took half the cure and intended to give Joker the other half it could be assumed that was not enough to completely cure him in the long run and was only intended to save

Who is the smiling Batman?

Bruce Wayne The Batman Who Laughs (Bruce Wayne) is a fictional supervillain in DC Comics. He is the evil counterpart and alternate version of Batman within the multiverse. He is depicted as a hybrid of both Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Batmans arch enemy Joker and is a member of the Dark Knights.

Is Arthur Fleck really the Joker?

Its one thing to think of Arthur Fleck as an inspiration to a future Joker, its something else entirely if the events in Joker arent even real. Fans posit that this was the true version of the Joker, but the events in the movie take place in his head while in Arkham Asylum.

How much older is Joker than Batman?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

What villains do you fight in Arkham Asylum?

Arkham Asylum appears in The Batman. Like the original Arkham, several major villains end up in this institution, such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, the Ventriloquist, Hugo Strange, Clayface, and Penguin.

Why is Batman in Arkham City?

In the games main storyline, Batman is incarcerated in Arkham City, a super-prison enclosing the decaying urban slums of fictional Gotham City. He must uncover the secret behind a sinister scheme orchestrated by the facilitys warden, Hugo Strange.

Who is the strongest villain in Batman Arkham Knight?

The 10 Best Villains In The Batman Arkham Series, Ranked1 The Joker. Batmans greatest adversary in the comics and films also tops the list for video games.2 Scarecrow. 3 Arkham Knight. 4 The Riddler. 5 Hugo Strange. 6 The Penguin. 7 Bane. 8 Deathstroke. More items •7 May 2020

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