Question: How do I check my BC Hydro bill?

Viewing your bill online When you view your account online, your balance and the due date of your current bill is displayed automatically. You can also view your bill as a PDF, which you can download, and then print, save or email later.

How do I read my BC Hydro bill?

You can access up to three years of your previous bills by selecting Bill & payment history in the blue box at the top of the View bill page in MyHydro.

Is the an app for BC Hydro bill?

For a limited time, were offering BC Hydro customers a chance to try out the app for free. With the app alone, you can see graphs with energy use information, get tips, in-app reports about your usage, set up alerts and notifications, and get estimates of your upcoming BC Hydro bills.

Does BC Hydro bill monthly?

Its unusual, but were billed monthly rather than once every two months for the majority of BC Hydro customers. When it gets really cold, like it did last December when our monthly bill rose to a near-record $146, theres no avoiding a higher bill.

What is the billing cycle for BC Hydro?

Under the Residential Conservation Rate, customers pay 7.97 cents per kWh for the first 1,350 kWh they use over an average two-month billing period. Above that amount, customers pay 11.95 cents per kWh for the balance of electricity used during the period.

How much do utilities cost in BC?

Numbeo averages the cost of basic utilities for a Vancouverite at $79.70 and since we dont want to use up all our data while swiping left, adding internet costs an additional $75.10 on average per month.

Do Tenants pay water bills BC?

Electricity and gas bills for the entire rental property are in the Tenants names. The water bill is in the Landlords names, but the Tenants are required to pay the full amount of the water bill. The Tenants are required to pay the entire cost of utilities for the entire rental property.

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