Question: Why do Polish people move to Chicago?

These Polish immigrants came to Chicago as a result of the imposition of martial law in Poland (1981) and the decade-long struggle to bring democracy to the Polish Republic. The first Polish emigrants to Chicago were noblemen who had fled Poland after the Polish-Russian War of 1830–1831.These Polish immigrants

Why are Polish people in Chicago?

According to Dominic Pacyga, most of the Poles who first came to Chicago settled in five distinct parts of the city. Polish communities in Chicago were often founded and organized around parishes mostly by peasant immigrants who named their neighbourhoods after them, like Bronislawowo, named after St. Bronislava.

When did Polish immigrate to Chicago?

1860s The first wave of Polish immigration to Chicago was in the 1860s. Since then, Chicago has long been home to one of the largest Polish populations outside of Europe. Polish Americans have not only helped shape the city; theyve also helped influence the political development of Poland itself.

Why did the Polish move to America?

Overall, immigrants came to America due to a variety of Polands poor pre- and post-war conditions. They came to America hoping for better lives.

Where did Polish immigrants settle in Chicago?

The first Poles to arrive in Chicago settled mainly in a few districts: Trojcowo, Jozefowo, Niepokolanowo, Wojciechowo, and Nieustajacej Pomocy. Since many of these immigrants were Catholic, its no surprize that these neighborhoods each centered around and are named after their local parishes.

Where do most Polish live in the US?

U.S. cities and communities with large Polish American populations are largely concentrated in the Upper Midwestern United States, Chicago metropolitan area and the New York metropolitan area, with Wisconsin accounting for the largest number of communities with large Polish populations.

What is the most Polish city in America?

New York. With over 218,000 inhabitants who have roots in the Land on the Vistula, the Big Apple is often called Americas most Polish town, along with Chicago.

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