Question: Where do the wires go on a 2 wire alternator?

What is a field wire on an alternator?

An alternator field disconnect is used to protect the diodes in an alternator when the battery switch is inadvertently turned to the OFF position. Essentially it turns off the alternator output. When the rotor is spinning and a field current is supplied to the rotor the alternator generates AC current.

How do you wire a one wire alternator?

How to Install a 1-Wire GM AlternatorDisconnect the negative battery cable at the battery.Mount the alternator to the engine. Follow the battery positive cable from the battery to where it is connected on the starter relay. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.

What is field current in alternator?

The field current is D/C, or direct current. In other words, the current flows in one direction only, and is supplied to the wire coil by a set of brushes and slip rings. The magnetic field produced has, as any magnet, a north and a south pole. The rotor is driven by the alternator pulley. STATOR.

How does alternator excitation work?

The excitation system creates the electromagnetic field in the rotor. The stator has the armature winding that has the electrical energy induced. The stronger the magnetic field created, the stronger the electrical power produced. The strength of the magnetic field is adjusted by controlling the current to the rotor.

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