Question: Is Royal Worcester made in India?

Theyre made in India. The quality is very average; these are not as well-made as real English bone china, and theyre not nearly as thin.

Where is Royal Worcester manufactured?

(known as Royal Worcester) was formed in 1862, and although the company had a royal warrant of appointment from 1788, wares produced before that time, as well as those produced at two other factories in Worcester, are known as Worcester porcelain .Royal Worcester.TypePrivateParentPortmeirion more rows

Who makes Royal Worcester?

Portmeirion Pottery brands Royal Worcester and Spode have been bought by ceramic firm Portmeirion - but manufacturing has now ended at two historic factories. Stoke-based Portmeirion will take over the rights to produce goods under the world famous brands after a £3.2 million deal was struck.

When did the Royal Worcester factory close?

14 June 2009 The Worcester Royal Porcelain Company went into administration on 6 November 2008 and its last day of trading was 14 June 2009 following the acquisition of the brand name and intellectual property (but not the manufacturing facilities) by the Portmeirion Pottery Group which has a factory in Stoke-on-Trent.

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