Question: Is OLX App Indian?

And its not an Indian headquartered company but based in Argentina. Suggest whoever comes across this review to boycott this app and switch to Quikr, Indian company with much better features or switch to Facebook Marketplace, the app isnt worth a dime.

Is OLX safe in India?

Use a safe location to meet. Chat Conversation: For a safer transaction, try using the OLX chat option. Avoid other channels like WhatsApp/Skype/Messengers etc. Suspicious Chats: Being careful on the platform ensures you have a good and genuine experience.

Who created OLX?

Alec Oxenford Fabrice Grinda OLX Group/Founders

Is quickr better or OLX?

Both quikr and olx are platforms where you buy or sells goods. I have used both of them in the past and I would say OLX is better. ( 1) Quikr has a doorstep delivery feature. They pick up the good from a seller and deliver it to the buyer for a convenience fee which depends on the size of the product.

What is the profit of OLX?

The Naspers-owned classified major has posted a revenue of Rs 400 crore, which is about 123% increase from a year-ago period, in the fiscal year ended March 2019. According to RoC filings, the company witnessed about a 49% rise in profit to Rs 23.2 crore during the same period from Rs 15.6 crore in FY 2018.

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