Question: When a man is on the rebound?

A rebound relationship can occur when someone is dating a new person without being entirely over their ex. Those in a rebound relationship may feel like their relationship is moving very fast or their partner isnt committing to plans.

Do guys fall in love with their rebound?

Yes, gradually, it is possible that you fall in love with your partner in a rebound relationship. You have realised that you share a great rapport with your partner and think of him or her as a perfect partner.

What do you do when you are on the rebound?

How To Get Over Someone Who Used You As A Rebound, According To An ExpertDo Not Let Yourself Be The Victim. More Videos. Control The Story Of Your Rebound Relationship. More Videos. Your Perception Of The Relationship Is The Truth. Talk Back To The Voice That Says You Are Unlovable. Lean In To Your Fears.23 Oct 2017

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