Question: What do I need to know about dating a Catholic?

What does the Catholic Church teach us about love and relationships?

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the act of sex is a way of showing true love and it is through this expression of love that God works to create new life. Therefore many allow the use of artificial contraception as it allows a couple to show their love for each other and to regulate the size of their family.

Why is it important to live a chaste of love?

People require positive actions to convey their love for one another. Chaste persons are in control of their sexual desires rather than those desires being in control of them. Chastity enables them to love one another in accord with their common dignity.

Is it a sin not to get married in the Catholic Church?

The church believes adultery, divorce, remarriage after divorce, marriage without the intent to transmit life, polygamy, incest, child abuse, free union, and trial marriage are sins against the dignity of marriage.

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