Question: What does cut to the chase mean for dating?

For the first time in the world of online dating, Cut to the Chase members can meet someone who interests them - face-to-face - anonymously and securely before they invest any time or money on a first date.

How do you use the phrase cut to the chase?

He was busy with his work, so I cut to the chase and told him that the project had been cancelled. I dont have time for idle talk, so cut to the chase and tell me what you want. I can see that you are busy, so Ill cut to the chase. I need you to lend me a large amount of money.

What is another way to say cut to the chase?

What is another word for cut to the chase?cut to Hecubaget on with itget to the pointcome to the point

Is cut to the chase informal?

(informal, especially American English) stop wasting time and do or say the important things that need to be done or said: Lets cut to the chase.

What does skip to the chase mean?

To cut to the chase is to get to point or to skip to the important part of something without wasting time on boring or unimportant details. In writing, people often use the phrase as a way to get to the point quickly or to prepare readers for a bold statement.

Can you please cut the chase?

Cut to the chase is a phrase that means to get to the point without wasting time. The saying originated from early film studios silent films. It was a favorite of, and thought to have been coined by, Hal Roach Sr.

What to say instead of check it out?

What is another word for check it out?investigate ittake a looktake a look at ittry ittry it out

Who cut the cheese meaning?

(US, idiomatic, euphemistic, slang) To flatulate. Hey, who cut the cheese?

What is the meaning of jumping the gun?

Start doing something too soon, act too hastily. For example, The local weather bureau jumped the gun on predicting a storm; it didnt happen for another two days. This expression alludes to starting a race before the starters gun has gone off, and supplants the earlier beat the pistol, which dates from about 1900. [

What does it mean steal your thunder?

: to prevent someone from having success or getting attention, praise, etc., by doing or saying whatever that person was planning to do or say I didnt mean to steal your thunder, but I just had to tell your mom about your promotion.

What does it mean by a slap on the wrist?

“When you do something wrong, and you get a slap on the wrist, it means that the punishment that you were given was rather mild or light.” But the Registrar gave him a slap on the wrist.” “When an actor in our country does something wrong, hes merely given a slap on the wrist.

What figurative language is going out on a limb?

You use the expression Go out on a Limb to indicate that you are supporting someone or something despite putting yourself at a potential disadvantage. Example of use: “Im going to go out on a limb and approve his request for additional research funding.”

Is straight to the point?

Straight to the Point Meaning Definition: To speak in a direct or frank manner. To say immediately what one means or wants to say without any other chitchat.

Is being forthright a good thing?

For the most part, people really appreciate it when others are forthright. Its so much easier to understand what someone wants when they just come out and say it. However, being direct and honest and saying what you really mean isnt easy for everyone.

Whats another word for look at?

see; watch; observe; look at; view; spectate; examine; inspect; see round; visit; see over; scrutinize; verify; check; control; scrutinise; glance at; consider; take; deal.

Is Check out formal?

Check would be less formal than check out. This, to me, means you check (search) the files for the letter.

Did someone just cut the cheese?

rude slang To fart.

What is cut the cheese slang for?

Filters. (US, idiomatic, euphemistic, slang) To flatulate. Hey, who cut the cheese? 10.

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