Question: What is Dreamdolls real name?

Standing at about 5 feet tall, DreamDoll, whose real name is Tabatha Robinson, walked into the dimly lit studio where she often records music. After taking a seat on the leather couch, the 28-year-old opened up about rebranding her image from a reality star to an emerging rapper.

Is fetty Alexis sky baby daddy?

After years of claiming Rapper Fetty Wap was the father of her child Alaiya Grace, today the IG Model Alexis Skyy revealed Brandon Medford is the real father.

Is Dess Dior from St Louis?

Well, my name is Dess Dior, aka Destiny. I was raised in Savannah GA, born in St. Louis MO, A lot of people used to know me as my IG name Im gorgeous and being best friends with Jayda. So I started to rebrand and pursue my rap career, that is when I became Dess Dior.

Is Solo Lucci The father of Alexs baby?

Alexis Skyy Shares DNA Results On Her Daughters First Birthday To Prove Solo Lucci Is Not The Father! She shared the results on her baby girls first birthday to prove what shes been saying all along…he is NOT the father!

Who is Dess Dior dating?

Who is he dating in 2021? Future has been dating fellow rapper Dess Dior for a few months now, following his split from model Lori Harvey in August last year. Future and Dess have been spotted out in public together on multiple occasions, and have even featured on each others socials.

What is Jayda cheaves real name?

Jayda Cheaves Affair with Lil Baby. Lil Babys real name is Dominique Armani Jones. He is a 20 year old American Rapper and songwriter born in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the best BGC season?

Every Season Of Bad Girls Club Ranked From Worst To BestSeason 7: New Orleans (2011)Season 9: Mexico (2012) Season 4 (2009-2010) Season 6: Hollywood (2011) Season 5: Miami (2010) Season 16: Social Disruption (2016) Season 2 (2007-2008) Season 10: Atlanta (2013) More items •1 May 2018

Who is Kash Doll signed to?

Republic Records Kash Doll/Record labels Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, known professionally as Kash Doll, is an American rapper signed to Republic Records.

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