Question: Which is better Bharat Matrimony or Shaadi com?

Both and are matrimonial sites. has better features and easy user interface. provides more security features.

Is Bharat Matrimony genuine?

This is a total scam, basically, recreates the same profiles that were originally posted on BharatMatrimony( Based on marital status and caste they auto post the same profiles in their Community websites and then charge additional fee to use those community websites.

Is Bharat Matrimony profitable?

The revenue generated from marriage services of amounted to around 22 million Indian rupees in fiscal year 2021, down from 114 million rupees in fiscal year 2020.

Which matrimonial site is best in India?

Best Matrimonial Sites in is one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India and celebrated as one of the most trust worthy sites as well. items

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