Question: When did they start putting dots on Case knives?

The dots started in 1993, and one was removed for every year until 2000. On some knives in this era, the S in U.S.A. is lightening shaped like those in the 80s. In 2000, Case developed a dating system using an old style Case XX stamp along with a mix of dots and xs both above the Case XX symbol and below.

What does dots mean on Case knives?

The Case Dating System is a method for identifying the year a knife was manufactured. The dating symbols are found on the tang stamps at the base of the blade. In 1970, Case added ten dots beneath the “U.S.A” on all knife tangs. Each year a dot was removed. In 1980, the same dating system was used.

When did case start making pocket knives?

1889 When those men returned home, they saved the lighter they had carried and went out and bought new ones. For the first 61 years of the Zippo company, Case knives were manufactured less than two miles away by another company. The knife company was started in 1889 by John Russell Case, who named the company W.R.

Does Case Knives use real bone?

They use a wide variety of handle material including cattle bone, buffalo horn, mother-of-pearl and even precious stones. The bone used by Case originates from Brazilian Zebu cattle which is far more dense than other types of cattle.

Where are the dots on a case knife?

You can find the Case knife pattern number stamped on the tang of your knifes blade. This number tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. The first number indicates the type of material used to make the handle. The second digit gives the number of blades.

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