Question: How do I pay my Meetup fees?

On your Meetup groups homepage, click Manage group then select Edit group settings. Click Member dues. Click Get Started. Set the amount and free trial length, then confirm with Save.

How much does a Meetup subscription cost?

Organizers pay between $9.99 and $23.99 a month, depending on location and the subscription model of choice. This allows you to organize up to three groups with unlimited members.

Should I pay for a Meetup?

After all, even if people dont show up, more potential attendees will register for your event if its free. However, if you want to increase attendance rate, off-set some of the costs associated with organizing an event, and signal value to attendees, then I would recommend you to charge a (small) meetup fee.

How do I get a refund from Meetup?

Meetup Pro and Plus subscriptions Meetup Plus subscription fees are not refundable. You can request to cancel your subscription before your next payment by emailing your account manager or the email address listed in your Organizer Subscription page.

How much does Meetup cost UK?

Joining Meetup as a participant is free however being a Meetup group organisor costs approximately £50 for 6 months and this will entitle you to run 3 Meetup groups. For each Meetup group you create you need to specify the activities that it is involved in - for the Ramblers this will be Hiking/Walking.

Why You Should Start a meetup group?

A meetup is a perfect place because it is a small location with a small number of people. To get on stage and talk about a topic the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Many people have to leave their comfort zone for this, but this is when you learn the most.

Can you close a Meetup group?

Follow these steps to close your group permanently: From your Meetup groups homepage, select “Manage group” Confirm with the “Delete this Meetup” button on the following page. On the final confirmation page, click the “Done” button.

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