Question: Does James have a girlfriend in Big Time Rush?

Does James get a girlfriend BTR?

Jucy (J/ames) and (L/ucy) is the romantic pairing of James Diamond and Lucy Stone. James fell in love with Lucy on Big Time Rocker and he competed with Carlos for her affection. By the end of the episode Lucy placed James (and Carlos) in the friend-zone. In season 4 James is still seen flirting with her.

Does Big Time Rush have girlfriends?

The closest thing hes had to a real potential girlfriend is filmmaker, Stephanie King, who appeared in two episodes of Season 1 (Big Time Terror and Big Time Dance). Eventually though Carlos finally got a girlfriend in the series finale where he started dating Alexa Vega.

Do James and Camille date in Big Time Rush?

Camille RobertsFriends:Jo Taylor (best friend) Kendall Knight James Diamond Carlos Garcia Lucy Stone (best friend) Jennifer Knight The Jennifers Buddha Bob Katie KnightRelationships:Logan Mitchell (boyfriend)Other InformationInterests:Acting, dancing & modelling18 more rows

Does James have a crush on Katie?

Katie is laughing when James crashes through the wall. Katie may still have a crush on James. This is the seventh episode with a subplot between James and Katie.

Why did Camille and James kiss?

James and Camille have a hard time telling Logan that they kissed because both the pairings Lomille and Jagan get at stake.

How old is Katie Big Time Rush Season 4?

After Kendall Schmidt got the part the producer changed the script replaced 16-year-old Katie and Mrs. Knight.

Did Kendall and Joe break up BTR?

In the episode Big Time Rides Kendall and Jo were fighting a lot and it was revealed that anything these two do together they end up fighting in this episode and both of them break-up and become just friends. They later start dating again.

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