Question: What should I wear on a first date in the winter?

Winter is no time for taking fashion risks, especially not a first date. Opt for a pair of jeans and a casual jacket — think, a bomber, denim jacket or trench — for a fresh and easy approach to the date night dressing.

How should I dress for a date in the winter?

20 Sexy Winter Date Outfit Ideas, Cold be DamnedSheer Blouse + Leather Pants. Scroll To See More Images. Floaty Dress + Sneakers. 2 of 19. Blazer + Boyfriend Jeans. 3 of 19. Sherpa Coat + Wide-Leg Jeans. 4 of 19. Blazer Dress + OTK Boots. 5 of 19. Sweater Dress + Chain Belt. All White + Pop of Color. Short Dress + Matching Tights.More items •25 Feb 2020

What should a guy wear on a first date in the winter?

Yes, a first date can sometimes feel like a business interview, but that doesnt mean you should dress for one! Try a button-down with the sleeves rolled up, or a sweater that feels soft to your dates touch. Jeans or khakis are perfectly acceptable. Heck, if its warm weather, go for shorts.

What should I wear on 1st date?

For men, try a basic t-shirt or button-up with jeans or chinos styled with a belt, dressy shoes, and a nice watch. For women, go with a little black dress or a casual blouse and jeans finished with feminine accessories and a natural makeup look.

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