Question: Who does Eva Longoria have a baby with?

When Eva Longoria, 44, and her husband José Pepe Bastón, 51, welcomed their son Santiago Enrique on June 19, 2018, they called him a blessing. Another blessing? The slew of too-cute baby photos we compiled of little Santiago.

Who did Eva Longoria have a baby with?

After marrying José Bastón in Mexico on May 21, 2016, Eva Longoria became a stepmother to Josés three older kids, Natalia, Mariana, and José. Then, two years after saying I do, the Desperate Housewives alum welcomed her first child with José.

Did Eva Longoria have a baby while on Desperate Housewives?

Eva Longoria played a mom-of-two on Desperate Housewives, but in real life she is a proud mama. Two years ago, Eva and Pepe welcomed their adorable son Santiago to the world, and it seemed she hasnt stopped smiling from ear-to-ear since then.

What happened to Gabbys daughter in desperate housewives?

Some of her best scenes, however, we stolen by her on-screen daughters. Juanita Solis was played by Madison De La Garza, while Celia was brought to life by Daniella Baltodano. That is of course before the (somewhat ridiculous) plot twist whereby Gabbys biological daughter had been switched at birth with Juanita.

Who was really pregnant on Desperate Housewives?

Marcia Cross, who plays Bree, got pregnant with twins while filming Season 3. According to Good Housekeeping, the shows plotlines were finalized well in advance, so Cross pregnancy couldnt be written into the show. Instead, everyone did their best to keep her belly hidden.

How old is Diegos sister?

eleven-year-old Alicia Márquez: The eleven-year-old sister of Diego who helps him in any campaign. She frequently uses her laptop computer to discover interesting things about these animals.

Where is Eva Longoria today?

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria lives with her husband José Bastón and their son Santago in Beverly Hills, and since moving in in 2017, the actress has added a rainbow of colour to her £11million property.

Does Tom ever cheat on Lynette?

Later, he meets and works with rising company executive Lynette Lindquist, with whom he begins a love affair. He cheats on Annabel with Lynette, leading to their marriage. In “Where do I belong” (E12/S7), it is revealed that twenty years ago, Tom and Lynette were engaged, and had broken up for one week.

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