Question: Can you legally drive with Tourettes?

The majority of surveyed participants with chronic tic disorders reported minimal difficulties with driving. However, a non‐negligible minority of more severe cases struggle with driving or refrain from driving altogether and would benefit from additional support.

Can people with Tourettes syndrome drive a car?

You do not need to tell DVLA you have Tourettes syndrome unless you think that it may affect your ability to drive safely. Ask your doctor if youre not sure if your Tourettes syndrome will affect your driving.

Does Tourettes count as a disability?

Any condition can be a disability. The term disability is defined by the entity (organization, agency or company) and the individual in question.

Can you drive with Tourettes Australia?

The Tourette Syndrome Association of Australias submission advised that Tourettes syndrome is classified as a neurological condition. It has therefore been moved to the neurological conditions chapter. There have been no changes to the licensing criteria for sleep disorders.

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