Question: Who is Lauren popes new boyfriend?

Lauren shared a lovely series of photos with her over one million followers, revealing that she and boyfriend Tony Keterman had welcomed a baby girl – and she even announced the adorable name the couple gave their little one.

What is Lauren from TOWIE doing now?

What is Lauren Goodgers job? Over the years Lauren has had a number of businesses but famously her beauty shop Laurens Way was firebombed shortly after opening and has now closed. However shes since opened her own filler beauty salon in Essex and shes now training to administer fillers herself.

Are Lockie and Yasmin together?

James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou have officially split while on a work trip to Dubai. The fiery couple from The Only Way Is Essex first began dating in 2017 before splitting in 2019 and reuniting last year.

Why did Mark leave The Only Way Is Essex?

Mark Wright has revealed he hated his life after first seeing himself on The Only Way Is Essex in 2010 and was keen to leave the show quickly. Mark wanted to turn his stint on the show into something bigger and wanted to get the opportunity to show a different side to himself.

Why did Lockie and Yasmin break up 2021?

Yazmin Oukhellou confirmed that she will not be returning to the popular ITVBe show last month, as she wanted to focus on her career in real estate in Dubai. Her decision came after her and ex-boyfriend Lockie split for the second time in February 2021 after a huge argument during their trip to Dubai.

Are Amber Turner and Dan still together?

The reality star confirmed she hopes to have a child with the 30-year-old and said their six month break-up in 2018 strengthened the relationship they are in today. Amber told New! Magazine: Us breaking up for six months was the best thing thats ever happened, Dan and I are really happy, were living together now.

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