Question: Which Little Mix member is the richest?

Each member has a widely different net worth Perrie Edwards has the highest net worth, with a whopping $9 million, and Jade Thirlwall not being too far behind with $8 million, (via Celebrity Net Worth).

How much is Leigh from Little Mix worth?

Split down into each band member, Jade is said to be worth £7.3million while Perrie is said to have a net worth of £5.9million. The last member, Leigh-Anne is said to be worth an estimated £5.9million.

What is Little Mix 2020 worth?

According to, Little Mixs estimated net worth is $32 million (£25 million) as of September 2020. The report shows individual net worths of band members as well.

Who is the most famous member of Little Mix?

Perrie EdwardsVocals Leigh-Anne PinnockVocalsJade ThirlwallVocalsJesy NelsonVocals Little Mix/Members

Who is the main singer of Little Mix?

Perrie Louise Edwards Perrie Louise Edwards (born 10 July 1993) is an English singer and member of the British girl group Little Mix.

Who is the prettiest girl in Little Mix?

Jesy Nelson s fans dubbed her the most beautiful woman in the world as she posed up for a stunning picture. The Little Mix beauty, who donned a pink silk robe for the snap, looked absolutely gorgeous with her make up perfectly applied and her hair perfectly styled into loose curls.

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