Question: Is Truly Madly good app?

This app is the worst app for dating. this app is based on trust score method which means people will rate you on there experience and you will be then bounded to your trust score to get in touch with any one. alot of profiles does not have names. you will not find any information about the person at all.

Is TrulyMadly worth?

With Rs 2.3 lakhs worth of profit, TrulyMadly has posted a revenue of Rs 3.61 crore in FY18 as compared to Rs 7.21 crore in the preceding fiscal. According to RoC filings with MCA, it also controlled expenses by about 51.6 per cent to Rs 3.59 crore in the last fiscal from Rs 7.32 crore in FY17.

How do I delete pictures from TrulyMadly?

To request removal of personal information from any blog, User has to contact TrulyMadly at In some cases, TrulyMadly may not be able to remove the information from the blog, in which case TrulyMadly will inform the User of such inability.

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