Question: What to Know About Dating a deaf person?

What should someone do when meeting a deaf person for the first time?

10 easy tips for communicating with Deaf peopleGet the deaf persons attention before speaking. Face the deaf person and hold eye contact. Check background noises and lighting. Avoid covering your mouth. Speak clearly and not too fast, but do not yell, exaggerate, or over-pronounce.More items •Jul 22, 2020

What are 2 Donts when meeting a deaf person?

Friends and Family Get a Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons attention: tap him/her on the shoulder; switch the light on and off, or stomp or pound on a shared surface like a wooden floor, table, bench, etc. Do not initiate a conversation about a persons hearing loss or deafness.

How do deaf people respect?

Maintaining eye contact is a sign of respect. Use the beginning and ending of a conversation as an opportunity to make physical and visual contact with the Deaf person, especially if they have been using an interpreter during your conversation. Smile, shake hands, touch their arm (if appropriate) and make eye contact.

Can deaf people fall in love?

If youre deaf, you can date someone whos not deaf and have a healthy and loving relationship. Deafness doesnt interfere or determine the connection two people have.

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