Question: Where is the city of Al Ain located?

Why is Al Ain called the Eye?

Al Ain (Arabic: العين) is a city in the United Arab Emirates. The city name literally means the spring or the eye in Arabic. It is often called the Garden City of the Persian Gulf because of the many parks, tree-lined avenues and decorative roundabouts within the city.

Does Dubai have a wheel?

Located on Bluewaters Island, the Dubai wheel will be equipped to carry 1,750 passengers at a time. And this towering tourist attraction was built for a price tag of $270 million, according to the travel website Thats a significantly lower cost than the nearly $1 billion N.Y.

How tall is Ain Dubai?

250 m Ain Dubai by Dubai Holding/Height

Who owns Ain Dubai?

Meraas Holding It is built on reclaimed land by Meraas Holding, with dredging work conducted by Van Oord, the Dutch firm known for its work on Palm Jumeirah, at an estimated cost AED 6 billion (1.6 billion USD, including the Ain Dubai, formerly the Dubai Eye) .Bluewaters IslandEstimated completionQ1 2018CostAED 6 billion7 more rows

Is the Dubai wheel bigger than the London Eye?

HEIGHT. Ain Dubai: Measuring 210 metres high with a diameter of 250 metres. Ain Dubai is 75 metres taller than the London Eye. London Eye: Once become the worlds tallest observation wheel at 135 metres high with a diameter of 120 metres.

Who built Ain Dubai?

Hyundai Engineering & Construction The 250 m (820 ft) Ain Dubai (previously named the Dubai Eye or Dubai-I) at Bluewaters Island in the United Arab Emirates was announced in February 2013. Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Starneth Engineering were appointed as the primary design and construction contractors.

Is it safe in Al Ain?

Crime rates in Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesLevel of crime3.08Very LowCrime increasing in the past 3 years25.22LowWorries home broken and things stolen9.94Very LowWorries being mugged or robbed9.25Very LowWorries car stolen5.78Very Low8 more rows

Does Dubai have blue water?

Ain Dubai, the worlds largest observation wheel, is Bluewaters unique centrepiece, poised to become one of the worlds biggest tourism hotspots.

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