Question: Where can I meet people in Billings MT?

Are people friendly in Billings Montana?

Once youve lived in Montana, it has a distinct pull that continues to draw you back. Its not that Billings is “cliquish,” its just that people conform to where they are comfortable. The people are kind and hospitable and you can definitely find a social group to be a part of.

What is the population of Billings Montana 2020?

109,868 With a 2020 population of 109,868, Billings is the largest city in Montana and the 282nd largest city in the United States. Billings is currently growing at a rate of 0.14% annually and its population has increased by 5.47% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 104,170 in 2010.

What percent of Billings Montana is black?

1.02% Billings Demographics Native American: 4.60% Two or more races: 3.47% Black or African American: 1.02%

What is the best city to live in Montana?

Lets dive into the best cities in Montana:Billings.Bozeman.Butte.Columbia Falls.Great Falls.Helena.Kalispell.Missoula.More items •25 Mar 2021

Where is better to live Montana or Wyoming?

Theres a new study that has declared that Wyoming is a better place to live than Colorado or Montana. Homesnacks just shared their 10 Best States to Live In America for 2019 list.

How much does it cost to retire in Montana?

In Montana, the cost of a comfortable retirement annually is $68,588. That includes $54,870 for annual expenses and a 20% comfort buffer of $13,718.

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