Question: How does MeetMindful work?

In MeetMindful, you dont judge a person through their pictures, but through their profiles instead. The site allocates a bigger space for the members profile information, taking up more than half the page when youre looking for a match.

How do I cancel MeetMindful?

Members must delete their own accounts by logging in (reset password, if necessary) and visiting Settings > Delete account. To delete your account, click here. Replies To Your Messages: For all questions related to other members reading and replying to your messages on meetmindful, click here.

Where can I MeetMindful people?

And dont forget to spread the word when you find what youve been looking for.Meetmindful.Bumble.Sapio.HER.Coffee Meets Bagel.Silver Singles: Facilitating Conscious Connections.More items •17 Feb 2021

Who owns MeetMindful?

Founder Amy Baglan MeetMindful Founder Amy Baglan says she wants her site to break with the addictive patterns of social media and dating apps. Amy Baglan, co-founder of the online dating platform MeetMindful, is convinced that technology has disrupted the way human beings are supposed to connect with each other.

Do you have to pay for MeetMindful?

The good news is that its free to join and register a profile. Its also fairly priced at the premium level. A free MeetMindful account enables you to complete a detailed profile with up to 6 photos and a questionnaire, and allows you to view 10 daily matches.

How good is MeetMindful?

MeetMindful App Its always a good thing for sites to have an app as long as it is functional and well made. But the MeetMindful app seems to have not made the cut. The app version is too buggy and glitchy that its almost impossible to use. After a few minutes of using it, the app crashes or freezes.

How much does MeetMindful cost?

Is MeetMindful expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotalPremium1 Week14.00 USD / Week14.00 USD1 Month29.00 USD / Month29.00 USD3 Months16.33 USD / Month49.00 USD1 more row

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