Question: What does M mean on Kik?

adverb. Abbreviation for right now. A shorter alternative to immediately or asap. Example: Im bored af rn, someone Kik me.

What is the faded D mean on Kik?

Back to the topic, the faded D only means one thing; it means that the message has been sent, but the person hasnt yet opened the Kik app. Once they open the app, that faded D will turn into a solid, bold D.

What does just an S mean on Kik?

When the Message Is Stuck Kik has a straightforward way of letting you know the status of your sent message. If you see the letter “S” next to it, that means your message is still on the Kik server. It is not yet delivered to the recipient.

How does KIK make money?

Kik has only begun to monetize its users, which consist mostly of teenagers in the U.S., through advertising and digital currency. Users can earn “Kik Points” by watching ads or interacting with brands, which they use to buy on digital stickers.

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