Question: Why did Shawn Mendes leave Magcon?

Cameron Dallas insinuated that Shawn Mendes was forgetting his Magcon roots, in a comment left on Shawns Taylor Swift Instagram photo. The Jacks and Shawn also decided to focus on their music careers, instead. Taylor Caniff also insisted he would not do a Magcon tour if “trashcan” Carter was on it.

What were the Vine boys called?

MAGCON was a group of Vine-famous teens that consisted of Aaron CarpenterOpens in a new Window., Jack JohnsonOpens in a new Window., Jack GilinskyOpens in a new Window., Cameron DallasOpens in a new Window., Shawn MendesOpens in a new Window., Nash GrierOpens in a new Window., Hayes GrierOpens in a new Window., Matthew

When was Shawn Mendes in Magcon?

He became the youngest to debut in the top 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100, making it to number 24 for the week ending July 12, 2014. Prior to his signing, Mendes toured as a member of the Magcon Tour alongside other young Viners with a large following on social media.

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