Question: Do people date people of similar intelligence?

Researchers found a positive correlation between partners objective IQ scores. This would suggest that people tend to seek romantic relationships with people who have a similar intellect to their own. Surprisingly, researchers found no significant correlation between IQ compatibility and relationship satisfaction.

Does intelligence matter in dating?

Our ability to understand what motivates our partner, how to relate in a positive manner and delay gratification till expected results are sighted, all contributes to a meaningful relationship. Intelligence is not all that matters in a relationship, but it contributes to its success.

Do people Date similar people?

Essentially, the study, which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that we consistently find ourselves dating partners with similar attributes and characteristics because these are the types of people that surround us at school, work, or home - and not because we are subconsciously

Where can I date an intelligent person?

A new dating app wants to help you find fellow intellectuals to love. Sapio bills itself as a go-to community for people who are drawn to other smart people. Among other things, the free app allows users to define their orientation as sapiosexual, which is someone who finds intelligence attractive.

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