Question: How do I find my Skout ID?

On the main interface of the app, swipe right to see the toolbar. Scroll down until you see Find User by SkoutID, click that, and search their name or their Skout ID.

How do I delete my Skout account from my computer?

Delete Skout - Android - Slides & InstructionsStep #1: Open Skout app. Login to your account.Tap the *three bars *on the top left.Tap settings.Tap deactivate account.Tap deactivate.Tap deactivate.

Can we delete Skout account?

You may deactivate your Account at any time by clicking the Deactivate Account button within your Settings page. When you deactivate your account, your profile and Account will not be viewable by other members of the Services.

How do I change my age on Skout app?

Parents need to know that Skout is a flirting app used to meet and chat with new people. Click Add age. Here you will be allowed to change your age… Moreover, your former contacts will not be available to you. Select an age range from the drop-down menu in the edit panel.

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