Question: Who is the most popular Desperate Housewife?

Gaby Solis is the number one best main character on Desperate Housewives.

Who made the most on Desperate Housewives?

How much does Eva Longoria make? The Desperate Housewives alums fortune is valued at an estimated $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This includes the more than $13 million she made in 2011, which ranked her as the highest-paid TV actress in the world that year.

Who is the best husband on Desperate Housewives?

Every Desperate Housewives Husband, Ranked8 Rex Van De Camp. 7 Paul Young. 6 Victor Lang. 5 Adam Mayfair. 4 Nick Bolen. 3 Carlos Solis. 2 Orson Hodge. 1 Mike Delfino. Mike Delfino is perhaps the only husband that could accurately be described as unproblematic- and he did time in prison for manslaughter.More items •Nov 14, 2020

Who died on Desperate Housewives?

The 10 Most Emotional Deaths on Desperate Housewives, Ranked10 Rex Van De Kamp. 9 Karl Mayer. 8 Juanita Solis. 7 Glen Wingfield. 6 Paige Dash. 5 Edie Brit. 4 Eli Scruggs. 3 Mary Alice Young.More items •May 28, 2020

Who strangled Julie Mayer?

Eddie Orlofsky In the episode Epiphany, Julies attacker is revealed to be Eddie Orlofsky (Josh Zuckerman), who mistook her for Susan and was planning to attack her for rejecting him.

Who kills Mike Delfino?

1 Mike Delfino Watching Susan lose the love of her life was terrible. Donnie (Sal Landi), a loan shark, kills Mike right after a romantic Susan/Mike moment, which makes it even harder to watch. Of all the relationships on the show, Mike and Susan had something special.

Why did Mike and Susan get divorced?

A tragic car accident forced Mike and Susan Delfino to divorce, and Edie Britt returned to the lane with a new husband who had an unbridled anger and an unusual secret – he was the father and husband of the family Mike and Susan crashed into, prompting him to seek revenge.

Did Tom Scavo cheat on Lynette Season 5?

Later, he meets and works with rising company executive Lynette Lindquist, with whom he begins a love affair. (Women and Death). He cheats on Annabel with Lynette, leading to their marriage.

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