Question: Did Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner break up?

Taylor Lautner breaks up with Abduction costar Lily Collins, didnt talk to her at film premiere. The two called it quits a week before the films red carpet premiere, according to Us Weekly. It was a clean break that Taylor initiated, a source told the magazine, adding that he wants to be single for a while.

Are Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner friends?

The Abduction actors were friends long before filming a blockbuster together.

Who is Taylor Lautner dated?

Now, Taylor is happily in love with British actor Joe Alwyn.

Is Taylor Lautner in a relationship 2020?

Taylor Lautner Is Dating Beautiful Nurse Tay Dome — Glimpse into the Actors Personal Life. Over the years, Hollywood heartthrob Taylor Lautner has been romantically linked with several celebrities. However, he is currently dating a beautiful nurse Tay Dome.

Are Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner still friends?

Its been seven years since they starred together on hit tween movie franchise Twilight, but Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are still great friends! The former co-stars, who played Bella and Jacob in the vampire series were pictured together at Taylors 27th birthday celebration.

When did Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez date?

2009 Both Selena and Taylor Swift dated Taylor Lautner in the year 2009.

Is Taylor Lautner Dating Taylor Swift?

Taylor Lautner Following his three-month romance with Swift in 2009, Lautner moved on with his Abduction costar Lily Collins after meeting on the 2010 movie set. The pair split in September 2011. The actor started dating Marie Avgeropoulos in the summer of 2013, but the duo went their separate ways in January 2015.

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