Question: How long can you chat on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Need more time with a bagel? All chats close after 7 days but you can always reopen them for 99 beans (reduced from 199 beans!) for 30 more days. After the beans are deducted from your account, you can continue chatting.

How does the chat work on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Every day around noon, well deliver your bagels to the main section of CMB: Suggested. If you like your bagel, and your bagel has already liked you, its a match! You can start chatting right away. If youre not feeling a bagel and you pass on them, youll be shown our next pick if we have one.

Can guys reopen chats on CMB?

You still have 30 days to reopen the chat if you use Coffee Meets Bagels unique currency — beans. When youre a guy, beans are especially important.

How do you extend a chat?

Here are 13 ways to add meaning to your conversations:Dont get too excited about your next thought. Ask good questions that show youre engaged. Do your homework without being creepy. Try to genuinely relate. Dont waste peoples time. Let people sell themselves. Ask how you can add value. Do what you can to help.More items •Aug 18, 2013

What happens when you delete chat on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Deleting your account will remove everything in your profile permanently – including beans, photos, personal information, and your entire chat history. Past and current bagels wont be able to see your profile or chat with you. This cant be undone, so please be sure this is what you want before doing so.

Why is CMB chat extended?

Editors Note: We introduced chat extension to help daters stay connected during COVID-19. But as of July 2021, were reintroducing the original seven-day chat expiration. That way, daters can avoid dead-end chats and get back to meeting face-to-face, whether thats in person or virtual.

How much does it cost to extend chat on CMB?

If the chat closes, you can extend it for 30 days using Coffee Meets Bagel Beans. One chat extension costs 199 CMB beans.

What happens when you Unmatch someone on Coffee Meets Bagel?

If you block or unmatch, you wont be able to view their profile again.

How many likes can you see per day on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Rather than swiping, men receive up to 21 bagels each day at noon, which they can either “Like,” “Pass,” or “Priority Like.” A Priority Like is similar to a Tinder Super Like. According to CMB, it will get you noticed 6x faster.

Can you see who liked you on Coffee Meets bagel?

(Note: To know whether someone has liked you first, pay attention to the banner at the bottom of a bagels profile picture that will say, “He/She likes you.” If you dont hear anything after 2 weeks, you can assume the bagel has decided to pass on you.)

How do you chat on CMB?

Every time you match with a bagel, a new convo with an icebreaker will appear in “Chats.” To get there, open your app and simply tap “Chats” in the bottom right corner. Chatting isnt meant to be hard, you just have to get out of your own head and be genuine.

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