Question: How much is Tinder Plus in South Africa?

Standard Tinder Plus pricing: 1 month - R125; 6 months - R445; 12 months - R700. Standard Tinder Gold pricing: 1 month - R190; 6 months - R700; 12 months - R1050.

How much is tinder subscription South Africa?

Tinder PlusDurationCosts per MonthTotal1 MonthR115,05 / MonthR115,053 MonthsR57,64 / MonthR345,8512 MonthsR44,27 / MonthR530,31

How much does tinder plus cost?

Tinder Membership Pricing (If Youre Under 30 Years Old)PlanLengthTotal CostGold12 months$59.99Plus1 month$4.99Plus6 month$14.99Plus12 month$19.995 more rows

How much is tinder plus 12 month?

This will set you back $14.99 for one month, though the per-month cost decreases the longer you subscribe: $7.50 per month for six months ($49.99 total) or $5.00 per month for 12 months ($59.99 total).

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