Question: Is it possible to find love in Thailand?

Is it easy to find a wife in Thailand?

In the tourist areas the Thai women will approach the men. Just go near any bar and you run head-on into the rent-a-girlfriend scence. You dont have to find them, they will find you – thats their business. And in general it is very easy to strike up a conversation with Thai women.

Is there a courtship in Thailand?

MARRIAGE IN THAILAND Arguable the young people most under pressure according to their parents wishes are members of rich and influential families. A typical marriage is preceded by a courting period that can last from several weeks to several years. Couples often meet at school, work, festivals or family gatherings.

What does Pua mean in Thai?

P.S. to maluko - whatever context its used in, it is worth noting that the word pua is a rather crude way of referring to a husband/lover, and therefore advisable that you dont go around mentioning this to your Thai acquaintances, as it would reflect badly on her.

Should I travel to Thailand by myself?

Thailand is generally very safe for travel by solo visitors. There are dangers everywhere in the world, and Thailand is no exception. Scams are the most likely safety issue in Thailand. But generally speaking most travelers feel very comfortable traveling alone in Thailand.

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