Question: What does Kik stand for?

Whats the full meaning of Kik?

The full form of kik is lol The letters kik is simply lol being mistyped. If you observe your keyboard you will find lol right beside kik and can easily be hit instead. The meaning behind lol is Laugh Out Loud yet at times many will say it in a rush if they are busy resulting kik.

Why is it called Kik?

The Kik Help Center notes, “A few years ago when we were trying to come up with a name for our company, we made a list of different words that describe how you move stuff from person to person. We landed on kick and in a moment of brilliance decided to drop the c.”

What is Kik texting?

Kik is a mobile messaging application that can be used on both android and iPhone. The app has been in the news recently, if your child has a Kik account, caution should be taken. The main functions of Kik are: One to one chatting. Send messages, videos, pictures, gifs, etc.

What does SD and R mean on Kik?

It means that the message has been pushed to your Kik friends account, but they havent opened the app to receive the message on their actual device. Once they open the app, youll see a solid D and then the R when its been read. Try sending the same message again.

What does the gray D mean on Kik?

If you see a light gray “D” next to your message, it means that your message has been delivered and a push notification has been sent to whomever youre contacting. A solid “D” means that the Kik Messenger app has been opened and the recipient has access to your message.

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