Question: What is the poorest ward in New Orleans?

Is the lower 9th Ward dangerous?

Stay safe[edit] The Lower 9th Ward is not one of the highest crime areas of the city. The area north of Claiborne is not really a high anything area, except maybe weeds and waterfowl, as there are few people living in this devastated neighborhood post-Katrina.

Is the Ninth Ward poor?

The data shows that folks in the Lower Ninth Ward know a lot about poverty. Heres what three residents we interviewed had to say on the subject: 36.4% of the residents of the Lower Ninth Ward live below the poverty level compared to 27.9% overall in Orleans Parish.

Is the lower 9th Ward rebuilt?

“That portion of the Lower Ninth Ward that didnt come back, and hasnt come back, thats the reality of where we are. We are rebuilding a neighborhood,” Breaux said. Kent Montgomery at an abandoned apartment complex in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans on Friday, August 21, 2020.

What happened to the 9th Ward in New Orleans?

The 9th Ward neighborhood was thrust into the nations spotlight in the aftermath of 2005s Hurricane Katrina. Much of the area on both sides of the Industrial Canal experienced catastrophic flooding. The majority of the damage was caused by storm surge. Eastern New Orleans was flooded from multiple sources.

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