Question: Where did expectations vs reality come from?

A problem with expectations was made famous by the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations. The main character, Pip, inherits money from a secret benefactor. He views this fortune as a stepping stone to marrying the girl of his dreams.

What is the difference between expectation and reality called?

Irony: A contradiction between appearance or expectation and reality. 1. Verbal irony is when a speaker says one thing and means something else or the opposite. Situational irony is a difference between the expected result and actual results.

What do we think Vs reality?

The difference between our THOUGHTS and our REALITY is the energy we put into our thoughts. Just as thought influences reality, reality can also influence thought, which can then influence reality again (THOUGHT – REALITY – THOUGHT).

Where do expectations come from?

Expectations come from two sources, communications and experience. Communications: These are the messages we see, hear or read about something. If we were going out to a new trendy restaurant, we would very likely be somewhat influenced by advertising we had seen, reviews in the media, recommendations of friends, etc.

Is it wrong to have expectations of others?

Theres nothing wrong with expecting the most out of others, either. Most people perform best when they are trying to live up to expectations. Its also just respectful to think the best of people. When others do not live up to my expectations, its perfectly fine.

How can I love without expectations?

Love Without Expectations: 11 Easy Ways To Do ItHave Faith In Your Relationship. It all begins with trust. Believe In Your Beloved. Accept Your Beloved The Way He/She Is. Become Selfless. Do Not Compare. Speak With An Open Mind. Do Not Blackmail. Apologise For Your Mistakes And Forgive Unconditionally.More items •Jul 18, 2016

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