Question: Is breeze a good app?

Its not 100 percent accurate, but it gives a good estimate of your activity. Its free and easy to use. If youre curious about it, own an iPhone 5s, and are looking for a variation on a pedometer or activity-tracking app, theres almost no opportunity cost in trying Breeze.

Who was breeze on power?

Breeze is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the Power franchise. He was a former drug kingpin born in 1972 died in 1996 or 1997. Before the events of Power started, he was a close associate of Tommy Egan, Ghost and Kanan Stark.

Is hope a mood?

Similar to optimism, hope creates a positive mood about an expectation, a goal, or a future situation. Technically, hope does not fit the criteria as an emotion.

What is the point of tracking your mood?

When you keep track of your moods every day, you can connect those moods to events that occurred during your day. This activity will help you more easily see what triggers your mental illness, which will allow you to know exactly what situations to avoid or take more caution in.

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