Question: Did any of the Gossip Girl cast actually date?

Lively and Penn Badgley dated and then secretly broke up while they were filming the show. Just like their on-screen personas, Lively and Penn Badgley dated for a few years while filming Gossip Girl. The two reportedly went public with their relationship in 2008 and called it off in 2010.

Are Lily and Rufus together in real life 2020?

Rufus and Lilly are a real life couple. Rufus and Lilly are a real life couple.

Did Chuck really love Eva?

Arguably the only character in the show that Chuck ever showed any real, genuine and deep affection for aside from Blair was Eva Coupeau. She ended up turning him into a charitable, kind man for a while, before Blair set them up, mislead Chuck and he broke up with her.

Did Rufus really cheat on Lily?

Lily then reveals her secret to Rufus, who encourages her to find a new doctor. However, Holland finds Serena that night and reveals that Rufus cheated on Lily with her (Its a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World). Soon after, Serena outs Rufus for cheating in front of everyone and Lily is shocked.

Are Kelly and Matthew still together?

While Lilys third marriage to Rufus didnt last on Gossip Girl, it inspired the real-life romance of Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle, who are still together.

Who has Chuck Bass slept with?

He also votes for her about a hundred times to make sure she wins prom queen (Valley Girls). In the season finale The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl puts a hit on everyone and its revealed he slept with Vanessa and that Blair slept with Jack.

Does Chuck have feelings for Jenny?

Eventually, the two have sex and Jenny finally loses her virginity. Right after they have sex Blair walks in and tells Chuck she loves him and Jenny sneaks out from the bedroom undetected by Blair.

Does Blair marry Nate?

They get back together in season twos Remains of the J but break up for the last time in Valley Girls; due to feeling like their relationship has run its course. After they break up, the two remain friends for the rest of the series. Nate is present when Blair marries both Louis Grimaldi and Chuck Bass.

Does Jenny break up Serena and Nate?

Overview. Nate and Jenny date in Season 2 for a brief time. They are secretive at first because Jenny is worried Vanessa Abrams, who is like a sister to her, will find out about their relationship. However, when they kiss and Vanessa sees, Jenny runs away from Nate effectively ending the relationship.

Did Holland and Rufus actually sleep together?

Not wanting to say what he did, she tells him to leave, but he decides to call Holland and ask her to come tell everyone what she told Serena. She comes, and reveals to everyone that she and Rufus slept together. Shocked, Rufus says that that is a complete lie, but Holland stands by her story.

Why didnt Lily end up with Rufus?

Rufus learns that since Lily and Bart are technically still married, Lily needs to choose which marriage she wants to annul. Later on, she chooses to annul their marriage to save her relationship with Bart.

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